Royal flush for rail consortium

Bombardier Transportation and Granite Construction have been awarded Cdn $292 million by Transit Systems Development for a 3.6km extension to the Las Vegas Resort Corridor Monorail system.

A consortium comprised of Bombardier Transportation and Granite Construction Company has been awarded a design-build-equip contract by Transit Systems Development LLC for a 3.6km extension to the Las Vegas Resort Corridor Monorail system.

Bombardier will operate the system for an initial five years with two renewable five-year options. Bombardier will also be responsible for all of the electrical and mechanical systems for the fully automated Downtown Extension, including 20 additional driverless monorail cars.

The design-build-equip contract awarded to the consortium is valued at approximately CDN $440 million, with Bombardier’s share worth approximately CDN $178 million. An additional five-year Operations and Maintenance contract awarded to Bombardier carries a value of CDN $114 million.

Bombardier Transportation’s scope of work includes overall system design, vehicles, systems engineering and integration, supply of train control, communications and power supply systems, automatic fare collection, and testing and commissioning.

The previously awarded 6.4km monorail for the Resort Corridor, contracted to the consortium in September 2000, is expected to enter revenue service in early 2004.

The dual-lane system is said to link seven stations and services the entire east side of the Las Vegas strip, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. Its fleet of 36 driverless monorail cars, to be operated in nine four-car trains, is scheduled to be delivered by the end of October 2003. Connecting to the Resort Corridor monorail at Sahara Station, the new Downtown Extension will feature four new stations and will terminate in downtown Las Vegas.