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London software company Cubicspace is now shipping its Windows-based real time visualisation solution, rtre.

London software company Cubicspace is shipping its Windows-based real time visualisation solution, rtre.

rtre is a suite of plug-ins and stand-alone tools for Autodesk’s VIZ and Discreet’s 3ds max applications. Using Cubicspace’s own rendering engine rtre is able to render multi-million polygon textured scenes in fractions of a second rather than minutes or hours.

rtre’s rendering engine can interactively generate 30 photorealistic images per second from complex 3D scenes of over one million polygons, even on a laptop computer. Other rendering styles – also delivered at the same real time rate – include shaded, wireframe, transparent, hidden line, silhouette, cartoon style, hard and soft line sketching and pencil fill.

rtre operates as a stand-alone viewer and within Autodesk VIZ and 3ds max, reading data directly from those applications without exporting. As a result, any design changes made to a 3D scene are reflected in photorealism (or other desired rendering styles) while they are being made. A new system of spatial control using assigned keystrokes and mouse actions provides users with full six-degrees-of-freedom (6dof) navigation, providing genuine real time ‘walk through’ capabilities of scenes during design.

Further interaction through triggers and collision detection enhances realism. rtre interactive visualisations also benefit from 3D positional sound using technology from Sensaura that provides true 3D sound from only two speakers.

While the software will, initially, be aimed at property developers and architects the company believes that its speed and photorealistic quality make wider applications inevitable.

‘rtre enables unlimited design options to be instantly assessed and gives the user and his or her colleagues an unlimited visual aspect in a photorealistic world of their own creation. Potentially, this will slash project evaluation times and have a positive impact on the buildings themselves,’ says Steven Markham, co-founder and CEO of Cubicspace.

rtre is available to purchase from Cubicspace directly and starting next month, from approved Autodesk/Discreet stockists.

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