Ruggedised displays

Trident Microsystems now has ‘ruggedised’ monitors from 10.4in to20.1in.

Video and multi-media applications are configured on both the 10.4in and 12.1in monitors using the latest interface technology. MPEG1 and 2 and DVD solutions provide broadcast quality images and all the company’s products have backlight management and temperature protection.

The 20.1in and 16.1in rugged products are, according to Trident, the largest multi-sync SXGA resolution monitors commercially available and they can be interfaced directly to a PAL or NTSC video source and supply true colour definition.

Rack mount units and standalone configurations are ideal for users who have special mounting requirements. The company claims that it differs from the rest of its industry in its ability to manufacture for specific end-user applications. The ‘man to machine’ (M2M) range has been designed to replace bulky high-powered CRTs.

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