Safe nuclear station

Cheshire-based ASTEC Services have produced a successful safety case to verify the integrity of pipework at Magnox North’s Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey.

Nuclear power stations’ cooling water is carried out by a large diameter cast iron pipework that is susceptible to corrosion and leakage. Power station operators and the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate have to ensure the integrity of such pipework and demonstrate that any leakage has ‘acceptable consequences’.

ASTEC Services was asked to produce a safety case and provide additional verification in a recent review of such pipework at Wylfa. ASTEC associate Keith Short created the case by reviewing of all technical references, including those added to or modified during the station’s lifetime. Another associate, Graham Taylor verified the case and the integrity review to ensure accuracy and to assess the level of corrosion and the risk of future leaks.

Magnox North’s safety case officer Martin Turner said: ‘Safety and compliance are an essential part of any work being undertaken on a nuclear licensed site.’

He added: ‘The work undertaken by ASTEC has added significant value to the project, particularly in bridging the reference and safety submissions gap.’