Safer control of trailer height

A pneumatic auto reset raise and lower valve jointly developed by Parker Pneumatic and Meritor HVS is expected to help ensure safe, reliable trailer height operation.

The Levelride II simplifies loading and unloading by allowing trailer deck height to be adjusted manually to the height of the loading bay, enabling easy access for handling equipment.

The Levelride II is installed between the levelling valve – which controls the trailer suspension height during normal operation – and the air springs.

Initial operation of the unit disconnects the level valve from the air springs, enabling manual control of the suspension height.

Control of the system is by simple push-pull operation: push to raise the trailer height, and pull to lower. Reset to normal ride height is achieved manually by means of a central rest button or automatically. Operating the reset returns control of the trailer suspension to the levelling valve.

In a conventional system, if the driver forgets to reset the system, damage can occur to the shock absorbers and attachments, check straps and air springs. The Levelride II system guards against this: first application of the vehicle brake system – no matter how light – will send an electrical signal to the Levelride II, which automatically resets the suspension to the normal ride height.

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