Safer storage for plastic passes

Bayer Innovation has unveiled PhenoStor, a system based on writing data holographically to plastic, which could lead to far more secure passes and identity cards.

This process provides high protection against unauthorised access to the stored data and prevents it being tampered with or copied. The material used is resistant to electromagnetic fields and water, and also withstands everyday mechanical stresses. This makes PhenoStor particularly suitable for use in passes and for product protection applications, in particular the integration of open and closed security features for items such as medications..

The storage material has a storage density of over 3 Mbit/mm². This means that in future it will be possible to store several megabytes of data on a card the size of a standard credit card.

The medium can be used to store large amounts of confidential personal data, and unlike conventional systems, this data remains with the person in question, preventing potential misuse. Biometric data, such as iris recognition data, could be saved on the card and matched with the holder to verify the holder’s identity.