Safety interlock switch tackles high risk tasks

Guardmaster says its new Trojan 5 safety interlock switch is the first of its type to offer two safety (NC) closed contacts and one auxiliary (NO) contact in a single compact housing. This allows Trojan 5 to be used in high risk applications which demand a dual channel system with indication of guard position.

On show at Drives & Controls, Trojan 5 is a tongue operated safety interlock switch which is designed to fit at the opening edge of sliding, hinged or lift-off guards. A 180 degrees rotatable head, movable only by releasing the cover screws, gives the Trojan four actuator (key) entry points with only two actuator slots. This makes the unit extremely versatile for installation purposes.

Trojan 5 is encased in a compact (95 by 52 by 32mm housing) which is IP67 rated to allow for the higher pressure hose downs that are routinely undertaken in many industries.

Guardmaster. Tel: 01942 257112.