Sales restored

Data released this week by iSuppli Corp shows that 2003 marked an upturn for the semiconductor industry with sales rising 14.2 percent.

According to iSuppli’s data, a strong sales surge in the second half of 2003 pushed the semiconductor industry solidly into a sustained double-digit growth pattern that will ensure chip suppliers add to their gains in 2004. iSuppli’s final estimate of 14.2 percent growth is said to correspond closely to its preliminary estimate from December 2003 of a 13.9 percent increase for the year.

Adding to the good news, 16 percent of semiconductor suppliers boosted their sales by more than 50 percent in 2003.

Among the top-20 chip suppliers, Infineon, AMD/Spansion, Sony, Sharp Electronics, Hynix, and Qualcomm led the market with growth rates ranging from 27 to 48 percent.

Among the top 20 suppliers, four companies moved up more than three places in the rankings: AMD/Spansion, Sony, Sharp Electronics and Qualcomm. IBM Microelectronics and Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor were the only companies in the top 20 to suffer revenue declines in 2003.

The Asia/Pacific region led the market expansion with nearly 22 percent growth in 2003 followed closely by a resurgent Japan at 20 percent growth. Japan surpassed the Americas region, which was the only region to see its market contract.

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