Salford designs Airbus parts

Aircraft designers at the University of Salford have created components for the Airbus A380’s wings which are designed to increase safety and fuel efficiency.

The team from the University’s School of Computing, Science & Engineering designed a ‘load reduction system’ which can alter the shape of the aircraft’s wings in response to gusts of wind and maximise fuel efficiency.

Salford has been designing plane parts for Airbus since 1987. The current project is led by Dr Thurai Rahulan who also teaches on the University’s aeronautical engineering courses.

Rahulan said: ‘Students and research staff have been working on this project for a number of years so I’m really pleased that the University’s work is going to be used in one of the most advanced planes in existence.

The technology works by having a lighter structure in the wing which is compensated for by sensors which alter its shape instantaneously. This means that a lighter, more efficient wing can be automatically strengthened to adapt to gusts of wind without passengers affecting the way the plane is flying.

Rahulan said: ‘There are three important things in aircraft design – safety, efficiency and comfort. This system helps to address all three.’