Samsung signs nanomaterials MOU

Scottish Enterprise has signed an MOU with Samsung Electro-Mechanics for collaborative research into nanomaterials

RDA Scottish Enterprise has signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Electro-Mechanics for collaborative research into nanomaterials with a number of Scottish Universities.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced electronic components, will conduct the initial research projects with R&D centres at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities. More universities, including Dundee and St Andrews, will become involved as the research programme continues.

The researchers will develop advanced materials to be used in future electronic devices. Successful conclusion of the research programme may lead to Samsung Electro-Mechanics establishing its own materials laboratory in Scotland to continue the research with the universities.

Yong-Soo Oh, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Research Centre Vice-President said: ‘We will work hard to develop next generation products based on nanomaterials technology and discover opportunities for new business, collaborating with the world-class research faculty and infrastructure of Scottish universities.’

Jack Perry, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, said: ‘This agreement demonstrates the global recognition of the excellence of the research being conducted at Scotland’s universities. This is a significant agreement between Scotland and Korea and I am delighted that Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International have played a pivotal role in its development by bringing together Samsung and Scotland’s leading academic players.

‘These projects will lead to developments that will underpin future generations of electronic products around the world and keep Scotland in the spotlight as a major player in research and development. I would like to thank Samsung for its confidence in, and commitment to, Scotland.’