SAP and Yahoo collaborate to attract business

SAP AG and Yahoo! have formed a partnership that extends both companies’ role in the enterprise portal market.

Together they will deliver an enterprise portal solution that enables companies to provide their employees, customers and partners with a single place to access all the information, applications and services they need from both internal and external sources.

Under the agreement, the companies will work together to develop a joint enterprise portal and market it directly to their customers and through their respective sales channels. SAP Portals, the new SAP subsidiary devoted to creating enterprise portals and information, will work with both SAP and Yahoo! to provide a combination of an enterprise portal platform and open access to applications, services and personalised external content.

The enterprise portal will allow people to view information within their organisations that is important and relevant to them. The content will be determined by their roles within their organisation, with services and applications based on their tasks and responsibilities.

In addition, individuals will be able to customise content to meet their unique needs and preferences. For example, an individual may have everything from human resources information or sales tracking applications to financial news, industry marketplaces, personal stock portfolios and collaboration tools all in one place.

SAP will supply key e-business applications and services, SAP Portals will provide tailored role-based business information, analytics, enterprise portal services and third-party unification, and Yahoo! will provide a global Internet platform and access to content and personalization services.

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