Satellite TV system on business jet

A satellite television system has been installed aboard a Gulfstream GV business jet. This marks the first time a Rockwell Collins Airborne Satellite Television System has been placed aboard a business jet, and the first Gulfstream GV to be outfitted with satellite television capabilities.

The Direct Broadcast Satellite antenna and SATCOM antennas are both mounted within the existing radome envelope.

The satellite television antenna uses a metallic reflector to maximise the gain performance of the antenna, so that the system performance is improved without compromising the SATCOM system.

In addition to improved performance the system allows integration with the cabin management systems to externally download the program guide for channel selection without using one of the available TV programming channels.

Seven channels of available DirecTV programming delivered to the cabin simultaneously are offered by the system more than any other satellite system available.

The system employs the most robust satellite tracking methodology available. The steered antenna continuously points to the satellite by using data from the aircraft’s inertial navigation system.

In addition, to assure optimised satellite lock, the system employs closed loop, RF signal tracking to adjust the antenna position as required a feature unique to the Collins system.

Satellite tracking using this closed loop method will be optimised when the system capabilities are extended into Europe and other parts of the world where the satellite signal is not as strong as in the US.

The system also uses a satellite recognition technology to assure that the antenna is tracking the correct satellite.