Save on the exotic

Glacier Industrial Bearings believes it is the first bearing manufacturer to offer high performance, multi-material injection moulded polymer bearings. Produced by L+S Kunststofftechnologie, this new technology is said to enable sliding layers to be optimised for friction and wear without needing to maintain strength and stiffness.

Glacier claims that the sliding layer need only be thin enough to allow ‘exotic’, high performance polymers such as PBI, PI and PAI to be used economically.

The backing material serves to retain the sliding layer and optional sealing elements as well as provide an interface fit in the housing.

Sealing elements enhance contamination exclusion and can be moulded in a variety of materials such as thermoplastic elastometers, Viton or liquid silicone rubber. This new technology is reported to overcome limitations of injection moulded bearings whilst retaining corrosion resistance, low mass and feature integration.

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