Say goodbye to the IT helpdesk

US company Distinctive Technologies has launched Pinpoint, the first automated Web-based computer diagnosis and repair program for Windows PCs.

To test a PC, a user need only visit the Web site at, click on the test button and follow the simple instructions. The program is designed to provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes.

‘For those problems we can’t automatically fix, we offer customers three additional options: a step-by-step guide to fixing the problem themselves, an approximate cost range for replacement parts, or instant support from our Web chat or toll-free number,’ said Bob Wing, Distinctive Technologies Chairman and CEO.

In addition to identifying hardware and software problems, PC Pinpoint is said to use the information from its extensive database to initiate automated repair actions, display self-help tutorials and provide suggested maintenance to optimise the performance of the computer.

‘Every year, businesses and home users waste countless dollars – and hours – on tech support due to malfunctions caused by common issues such as corrupted files or drivers, software conflicts or other preventable problems,’ said Wing. ‘We developed PC Pinpoint to remedy these general problems before the user has to call for assistance.’

According to PC World’s ‘Reliability and Service’ survey, 22% of computers failed last year. PC Pinpoint calculates that their automated service would remedy approximately 65% of these problems.

From an enterprise perspective, Gartner Group research indicates that e-service solutions can reduce tech-support call volumes by as much as 45 percent.

Distinctive Technologies say that PC Pinpoint is a cost-effective multi-use program that can be accessed in a pay-per-computer ASP model or can be a server-based program wrapped with a corporate identity for internal use or external sale.

The company said the service is both safe and simple to use, collecting only computer data, not personal data, to run its diagnosis.

PC Pinpoint is available in single-use mode via the Web for only $14.95 or a yearly subscription for $49.95. The product is also available for license by IT and support organisations that want to customise and brand it for their own use.