Say you want a revolution?

To support a number of variants in their product line, all rotary encoder vendors were, in the past, required to stock a lot of etched discs – one for each number of pulses required. These then had to be cemented to a shaft to manufacture a particular variant of an encoder. Compounding the manufacturing issue, both the shaft type and its profile had to be determined before a specific type of encoder was manufactured.

Now, with the advent of the CoreTech encoder from Stegmann, the encoder world has been turned on its head. In the new CoreTech encoder design, only one disc is required for any number of lines and the system now makes possible electronic zero adjustment even for incremental encoders.

Incremental Encoders can now be delivered with any number of lines from 1 to 8192 and, for absolute encoders, any resolution is possible from 1 to 32,768 steps-per-revolution. Stegmann calculates that it can offer any of 256 different mechanical and electrical combinations, 8192 different line counts and 32,768 different absolute resolutions, all using the same disk in the design.