SBAC launches aerospace survey

The Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) has launched its annual survey to examine the state of the UK aerospace industry.

In addition to posting out the survey, the questionnaire is also available on SBAC’s website, as the society aims to encourage a large number of aerospace companies to respond.

A number of industry stakeholders are interested in the results of the survey. For example, the government uses the findings as the official figures for the aerospace industry when designing its policies.

‘Our survey is the definitive look at the aerospace industry and always provides valuable figures with which to analyse the industry and plan its future,’ said Ian Godden, SBAC chief executive.

‘For that quality to be maintained the survey needs the largest possible participation from aerospace companies. This will enable us to produce our usual high-quality statistical analysis of recent trends in the industry.’

The survey can be accessed from here, and the results will be published in July 2008.