Scada package features web enablement

SuiteVoyager from Wonderware is a series of thin software products that acquire information and control via the Internet or from intranets. The suite supplies a scalable and multi-lingual manufacturing information portal to the world of industrial automation enabling companies to harness data from all of their plant real-time and historical data sources in a secure and consistent manner.

SuiteVoyager 1.0 is one of the initial product offerings from Wonderware’s new advanced client technology (ACT) strategy that includes a series of new multi-client access technologies and software tools. ACT products are designed to help companies seamlessly integrate critical, real-time plant floor data captured by the company’s FactorySuite and MaintenanceSuite products.

SuiteVoyager allows users to visualise plant floor information coming over the intranet/Internet with simply using a web browser. The portal interface provides a secure framework, common navigation method and user-friendly GUI for delivering access to factory floor information. The portal interface offers users an organised, personalised view of factory floor information. Its simple and easy to set-up architecture requires no other knowledge of website construction or design. The architecture has been designed for salability, extensibility and centralised administration. Customisable sections allow easy integration with websites, corporate applications, reports and resources.

The portal is not merely a thin graphic view of factory floor HMI supervisory systems but also provides an integrated website or portal for many types of factory floor data, information management, and analysis tools.

A portal, explains Wonderware, is simply a website that offers a doorway to additional information about a specific topic. From a technical standpoint, the SuiteVoyager manufacturing information portal is a system of integrated programs designed to make it easier for a user to find information.

In its initial release, SuiteVoyager will sit on top of the Factory Control Ethernet. It will use InTouch View, I/O Servers, IndustrialSQL Server and the AlarmSuite or InTouch alarm database as its data providers. In previous architectures, client tools would have needed to be loaded on each of the desktop clients or casual users. Each of these components would have needed to be maintained and updated on each computer.

Joe Cowan (pictured) has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Wonderware. He replaces Roy Slavin, who has been CEO since 1995 and will continue in a consulting capacity until the conclusion of his contract with Invensys, which expires next year. “We are announcing the succession at this time to insure an orderly transition of leadership,” noted Slavin. UK Distribution: Pantek Tel: 0161 428 8506