Scanning the ports

Qinetiq North America (QNA) has signed an agreement with VeriTainer to globally supply a container radiation-scanning device for ports.

The VeriSpreader is a crane-mounted device that scans containers for radiation as they are loaded and discharged from container ships. According to VeriTainer, the technology is able to scan a cargo container in one minute, while the crane is lifting the container, which is less than the time it takes to offload a container from a ship.

VeriTainer has trialled the technology’s efficiency and robustness of design by scanning more than 20,000 containers without disrupting operations as they entered the Port of Oakland, California.

‘VeriTainer has proven that its crane-based detection system works, and we believe it accomplishes primary scanning in the most accurate and efficient way since the lift period offers a long dwell time for the sensors,’ said Rob Topping, QNA’s president and chief operating officer.

The US Department of Homeland Security awarded the VeriSpreader a Qualified Anti-Terrorist Technology status for developmental testing and evaluation earlier this year.