Schneider and Toshiba in drives deal

Schneider has announced an agreement with Toshiba for a joint development project on industrial variable speed drives. The project combines Schneider’s expertise in motor control with Toshiba’s mastery of semiconductor technology, to develop products which are aimed at the small drives market.

Work on the joint project will take place principally in Japan, with the agreement covering research and development only.

Paul Weddle, drives product manager for the Telemecanique brand of Schneider, says: `We know that the key to achieving a dominant role in this fast moving market is for us to offer our customers better products – and at better prices – than our customers. The collaborative research and development agreement with Toshiba will put us in a position to do exactly that.’

Schneider expects that the first fruits of the work with Toshiba will reach European and UK markets sometime during 2001. The products will address the low power sector of the market, and are planned to incorporate a wide range of innovative features.