Schuler wins railcar-wheels forging-line order

Schuler subsidiary Schuler-SMG has received a major order from China to supply a turnkey press line for the forging and rolling of railcar wheels, comprising two presses for pre-forming the heated blocks, a wheel-rolling machine and a flanging-and-punching press.

After heating the billet to 1,250°C, a pre-form is forged in two stages with press forces of 5,000 and 10,000 tonnes.

The forming process is then continued on the wheel rolling-machine, before finally, a flanging press with a force of 5,000 tonnes gives the wheel its final shape and at the same timepunches the hub.

The line’s output performance, which is designed to reach a maximum of 75 parts per hour, corresponds to the strong demand for forged wheels used by high-speed trains.