Scooter has detachable battery

The British company econogo has launched what it claims is the UK’s first electric scooter that uses a fully detachable and portable lithium battery.

Traditionally, electric two-wheelers in the UK have used fixed batteries that require the owner to run an extension lead from a mains electricity socket to the vehicle’s integrated battery.

But with the new design, owners can remove and charge their battery in their own home, or even at work.

The 1,500W electric-motor-powered yogo scooter is available in two options.

The first option is classified as a moped – the equivalent of a 50cc petrol engine moped with a 27mph capability. Owners who passed their driving test before February 2001 can drive this version without taking a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) test.

The second option has a 38mph capability – the equivalent to a 100cc motorbike – and owners will need a CBT licence to drive this option.

Because the yogo can store a second detachable battery the scooter will run for 22 + 22 miles using both batteries, which the company believes will give it an edge over traditional fixed-battery models.

Batteries recharge in one hour – less than with conventional models that require four to eight hours to achieve a partial/full charge via an extension lead.

Owners also have the added security that the yogo will remain powerless on the street when the battery is detached.