Scoping at the low end

Tektronix is targeting its new TDS2000 and TDS1000 series of digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO) at the low-cost end of the oscilloscope marketplace.

The five models in the TDS2000 family (TDS2002, TDS2012, TDS2014, TDS2022 TDS2024) are available in 2- and 4-channel versions, and deliver up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum sample rate. A standard colour LCD makes it easier to read and interpret waveforms, especially when multiple traces are displayed.

The two models in the TDS1000 family (TDS1002, TDS1012) are 2-channel instruments with a 1 GS/s maximum sample rate and bandwidth up to 100 MHz. The Tektronix’ P2200 200 MHz 10X-1X switchable passive probe is included with each unit (1 probe per channel).

An abundance of features are standard on both the TDS1000 and TDS2000 families. A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function makes it easy to analyse, characterise and troubleshoot circuits. Advanced triggering, such as pulse width triggering, line-selectable video triggering and an external trigger, makes complex characterisation and debugging easy.

A unique autoset function offers automatic detection and a choice of different views of sine waves, square waves and video signals, including rising and falling edges, video lines and fields, and FFT. It also provides up to four automatic measurements for the displayed signal.

A probe check wizard ensures optimum probe setup and improves a user’s measurement accuracy by guiding the user through a series of screens to properly compensate the probe and confirm the probe attenuation factor.

Classic and familiar analog-style controls provide instant access to frequently used functions, and context-sensitive help menus allow the user to learn about various oscilloscope features and functions. Most key functions (autoset, help, print and even the FFT) are carried out with the push of a single button.

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