Scots slow to challenge

Scottish companies are trailing behind the rest of the UK in providing entries for the Millennium Products Challenge. Of the 840 applications submitted during round 2 of the challenge which closed on 31 July only 25 came from Scottish businesses.

Paul Copland of Scottish Design responded to the figures saying, `I find it remarkable that a country such as Scotland with such a strong reputation for innovation and creativity, has so far failed to realise the opportunities the Millennium Products Challenge offers. I would stress, however, the quality of the applications submitted by Scottish firms during the first two rounds. We’re talking about market leading products – ten of the first round entries have already been awarded the Millennium Marque. The quality of Scottish entries is excellent – it’s the quantity that we’re anxious to boost.’

The closing date for submissions for Round 3 of the Millennium Products Challenge is 15 January 1999. The fourth and final round closes on 31 July 1999.

`In trying to reinforce the international perception of “Scotland plc” as an innovative product developing nation, it is vital that Scottish companies come forward with products and services for the final two rounds of submissions.’ says Copland.

Millennium Products is a DTI initiative set up to identify and promote 2000 of Britain’s best products and services – an exhibition of which will be placed in the Millennium Dome. Any Scottish company interested in making a submission can contact Scottish Design directly on 0141-221 6121. Other interested parties should contact the Design Council.