Scottish firm wins navy contract

The MoD has awarded a contract worth £13m to MacTaggart Scott of Loanhead, Scotland, to supply aircraft lifts for the Royal Navy’s two new 65,000 tonne carriers.

Including this contract, MoD orders for equipment, materials and infrastructure for the two ships, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, now total more than £160m.

Announcing the award, Baroness Taylor, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, said: ‘The aircraft lifts order announced today and the other equipment and steel already contracted are a clear demonstration of the steady progress towards commencing building work at the shipyards. Construction of the carriers will provide jobs for thousands of people across the UK, which is only fitting given that these ships will be a key element of our nation’s defences.’

MoD Defence Equipment and Support carrier project team leader Rear Admiral Bob Love said: ‘Each of the carriers will have two huge lifts, which can lift 70 tonnes each – or two Joint Strike Fighters – from hangar to flight deck in 60 seconds. They are so powerful that together they could lift the weight of the entire ship’s crew (1,450 people). We are working closely with industry participants as we move towards building these ships.’

The lifts and their associated motors and hydraulic machinery have been designed using established technologies to provide ongoing reliability throughout the expected operating life of the carriers, up to 50 years.