Scrubber not to be sniffed at

Cheshire-based engineering company, Simdean Envirotec, has been enlisted to help solve the problem of odorous emissions at a marine oil recycling plant in Malta.

The project, which is being undertaken by the Waste Oil Company, forms part of an initiative to collect waste oil, bilge water and ballast from all sectors of the marine industry for recycling.

The process of emptying tanks and centrifuging the oil to remove impurities releases hydrogen sulphide into the atmosphere.

This has caused a number of local businesses and residents to complain about the smell.

Nick Carter, managing director of Simdean, said: ‘We made several site visits and discussed the situation in depth with Waste Oil’s management.

‘Our in-house teams then developed systems to remove the pollutants.

‘Equipment was fabricated at our manufacturing centre in Warwick, shipped to Malta and fitted and commissioned by our own installers.

‘To ensure the most effective scrubber design, we worked with American specialist, Lamtec Products.’

Following commissioning, results revealed a scrubbing efficiency of 99 per cent, solving the facility’s pollution problems.