Sea-Me-We upgraded for $45 million

Alcatel is to implement wet and dry 10Gbit/sec technologies for a 40,000 km optical network – connecting Europe to Asia.

Alcatel has been awarded a $45 million contract by the Sea-Me-We 3 consortium to upgrade its network to support 10Gbit/sec transmission, representing a 40% capacity increase.

Alcatel is the sole provider for the terrestrial portion of the project, including DWDM systems and end-to-end network management. Alcatel will also supply the major part of the submarine optical networking infrastructure.

The installation and commissioning of the 10Gbit/sec upgrade will be completed and operational by February 2003.

The upgrade will be performed on seven out of the ten Sea-Me-We 3 segments and in the landing stations of over nine countries-from Portugal to Hong-Kong. The upgrade will allow these countries to benefit from high capacity bandwidth for Internet and multimedia traffic as well as for data and traditional telecommunications services.

Sea-Me-We 3 is the world’s longest intercontinental network connecting Northern Europe to East Asia and Australia, spanning approximately 40,000 km. Initially designed to support 2.5Gbit/s WDM transmission, two wavelengths out of eight, on a single optical fibre pair, will be upgraded to 10Gbit/sec.

The terrestrial portion of the contract entails the implementation of optical networking products that include SDH Optical Multi-Service Nodes systems (OMSN) at 10Gbit/sec, long-haul DWDM systems at 10Gibt/sec and digital cross-connects.

The upgraded system will be managed by Alcatel’s network management platform, providing end-to-end supervision and provisioning.

Alcatel has been the major supplier for the construction of the submarine line terminal equipment and the submerged part (cable, repeaters, branching units) of the network since 1997.

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