Seabed solution

Disposing of our nuclear waste is a global problem, and the UK is not the only country scratching its head over how to proceed.

With more countries entering the nuclear age — whether for military purposes or for energy generation reasons — here’s a bold suggestion. What is needed is for the world’s best technical brains to collaborate on devising a storage facility that is as near perfect as possible so there could be an international disposal site in some uninhabited part of the planet, such as the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

With this in place, the need would be removed for each country to do battle with its own population over where its own waste should be stored.

The UK, for example, could quickly arrange to place its own stockpiles there, and the people of northern Scotland could breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously safe transportation would be a priority, but as the waste would only be in transit for a short time I am sure this could be achieved.

As for protecting it from malicious attack during transport, I find it hard to believe that the military might of the whole developed world is not equal to the task.

K Johnson