Seagen tidal-energy turbine meets government criteria

The Seagen tidal-energy turbine, designed by Britain’s Marine Current Turbines, has achieved and passed the UK Government’s operating performance criteria for the UK’s emerging tidal- and wave-energy technologies.

It is the first tidal- or wave-energy device to have passed this milestone, set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to qualify for its Marine Renewables Deployment Fund (MRDF).

The 1.2MW Seagen is also the world’s only commercial-scale tidal current turbine that is generating power into an electricity grid.

By passing this milestone, independently assessed by AEA Technology on behalf of DECC,  Marine Current Turbines (MCT) expects that funding support for the company’s first demonstrator tidal array will be forthcoming from the Government’s Low Carbon Innovation Fund or an equivalent government clean-tech funding stream, now that the £42m MRDF is to be abolished.