Seals for stripping rings

A patented design of seal makes it possible to keep out dirt and other problem material from stripping rings

Stripping rings are used for sealing threaded spindles, having the task of cleaning the screw thread area ahead of the spindle nut, preventing entry of dirt into the inside of the bush, which can lead to severe wear, or blocking, of the spindle drive.

Usually, spindle drives are lubricated with grease, so that a certain residual film of grease remains on the threaded spindle. However, the abrasive dust found on the residual film of grease often makes its way between the tapped bush and the threaded spindle and causes wear.

Greene, Tweed’s patented seal design for a stripper ring makes it possible to strip off even the finest particles, and is said to have a consistent effectiveness even if there is severe wear. It is effective regardless of the manufacturing tolerance attainable. This is achieved by providing the internal screw thread of the stripper with at least one recess which is open towards the surroundings of the stripper and which interrupts at least one thread.

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