Seamless access to materials database

SolidWorks and COSMOS software users can effortlessly import part material information from a growing collection of 47,000 material data sheets through a new partnership with online information provider MatWeb.

The partnership makes MatWeb the preferred material data provider to COSMOS customers, with COSMOS referring customers to the MatWeb site for searches and subscriptions for building customized material data archives on their computers.

MatWeb’s searchable archive of material data sheets provides engineers with more than 900,000 data points on the physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, and processing properties of the materials in their designs.

MatWeb has built a customised engine that exports data in native SolidWorks/COSMOS format from the archive into the SolidWorks/COSMOS interface. It’s precise descriptions of a material’s properties enable COSMOSWorks software users to accurately predict its behaviour in a design under real-world conditions.

“Engineers want to have material properties available without too much effort, and without constantly referring to paper manuals or anything else that takes them out of their design environment. Now they can click on a material sheet and the information will automatically flow into their design environment,” said Dale O. Kipp, director of MatWeb.

COSMOS users can search the MatWeb archive and read material data sheets for free. If they want to download information directly onto their computers, MatWeb charges a small subscription fee.