Seamless paste helps launch racing yacht

The first of a new generation of racing yachts is being built from plugs using Ciba’s epoxy based seamless modelling paste (SMP). Already used for automotive styling models, SMP is fairly new to boat building, but brings advantages in terms of design integrity and production quality.

SMP is being used to create the deck and hull plug of a six meter racing yacht and, for the first time, it is being used to produce the keel and rudder moulds as well. The modelling process is expected to be completed in three weeks – a third of the time it would take to produce by traditional means. The prototype yacht that will be built from this plug is scheduled to be in the water for full sea trials by July.

Colin Hart of aka Design says: “SMP not only provides considerable savings in production time, but because it is run from digital data the design can easily be refined or even have radical changes made to it with very little additional work. This gives tremendous versatility, especially to small boat builders.”

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