Search for high-speed rail talent cranks up

The National College for High Speed Rail is firing up its campaign to entice more young people into the sector, which is expected to expand significantly over the coming years.

Artist’s impression of the Doncaster campus

The ‘Doors are Opening’ campaign will seek to attract fresh talent to the college’s two brand new campuses, currently being developed in Doncaster and Birmingham. With the first group of apprentices set to commence study there in September of this year, applications are being sought from students interested in joining the college in 2018.

“As we prepare to welcome our first intake of students later this year, we’re keen to send out the message that the future of UK engineering and the rail industry will be quite different to how people may currently perceive this sector,” said Clair Mowbray, chief executive of the National College for High Speed Rail.

“With plans firmly underway to develop Britain’s high speed network, careers in rail are going to be increasingly exciting, dynamic and highly skilled, with opportunities across both the traditional and new, digital realms of engineering.”

Claire Mowbray

With HS2 recently given the green light of Royal Assent, the high speed rail sector is expected to flourish, and some are predicting the creation of around 25,000 jobs. To help meet this demand, the college is offering higher apprenticeships, HNC (Higher National Certificate) and CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses, all of which will be developed with industry employers and taught by specialists in the subject.

“With this industry support, our training provision is backed by a significant degree of stability in terms of future career prospects for our learners,” said Mowbray. “We hope that our initial promotional campaign reaches not only those with a current interest in the sector, but those who might not yet have considered rail and engineering as a viable option.”