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Reinventing the apprenticeship scheme

Apprenticeships haven’t always been a labour of love for Brandauer, but things had to change if the company was to grow and retain some of its traditional skills. Rowan Crozier, CEO, explains. They say the best things in life are worth fighting for and that’s certainly a statement that Rowan Crozier, CEO of metal pressings […]

UK Autodrive project concludes with three days of driverless car trials

The UK’s biggest trial of autonomous and connected vehicle technology – the UK Autodrive project – has concluded with three days of technology demonstrations across Coventry and Milton Keynes. As previously reported by The Engineer, the Arup led project – which involves a diverse mix of car-makers, local councils, academic research groups and even experts […]

Interview: Elizabeth Hill of Jaguar Land Rover

Jon Excell talks to JLR’s chief product engineer about being at the heart of an industry leading a technological revolution  As the over-used quote attributed to Henry Ford about the public asking for faster horses is often used to illustrate, the automotive industry has a deserved reputation for anticipating and second-guessing drivers’ appetites. And at […]

Last week’s poll: Is government taking industry Brexit warnings seriously enough?

70 per cent of respondents to the The Engineer’s latest poll believe that government isn’t taking industry’s Brexit warnings seriously enough.  Talks in Salzburg have left the UK and the EU at an impasse that currently points Britain toward a no-deal withdrawal from Europe. PM Theresa May doesn’t necessarily want this, and neither do senior […]

BMW shifts Mini plant maintenance for Brexit buffer……

BMW is bringing next summer’s planned maintenance shutdown of its Oxford Mini plant forward to ensure against potential Brexit supply chain woes. The production halt, which is a regular fixture in the plant’s calendar, will now shift to the beginning of April to coincide with the UK’s departure from the EU, scheduled for 29 March. […]

Driverless car technology: En route to real-world autonomy

UPDATE: UK Autodrive was the winner of the automotive category of The Engineer’s 2018 Collaborate to Innovate Awards. Read about the other winning projects here. An ambitious real-world trial on the streets of Coventry and Milton Keynes is helping to put the UK at the forefront of driverless and connected car technology. Jon Excell reports.  […]

Exports drive manufacturing output for British auto and engine makers

Car manufacturing output is down in July but exports of UK-built commercial vehicles and engines bolster business for the automotive sector.  Car production in Britain dropped by -11 per cent in July 2018, according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In total, 121,051 vehicles left production lines compared with […]

Jaguar Classic announces all-electric E-type conversion

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed that its Classic Works division will offer a new service to convert the iconic E-type Jag into an all-electric vehicle. The announcement comes on the back of the E-type Zero concept, unveiled at the JLR Tech Fest in 2017. Positive reaction to the Zero prompted the OEM to make the […]