See the light with Vishay

A new series of low-current, surface-mount LEDs based on the ultra-bright AllnGaP technology was launched today by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

At a forward current of 2mA, super red, orange, and yellow LEDs in the new TLMx300x series are said to provide exceptional brightness in low-power applications including backlighting and indicators in automotive, telecommunications, office equipment, entertainment systems, and a variety of battery-driven equipment.

According to Vishay Intertechnology, the TLMS3000 and TLMS3001 super red LEDs feature a dominant wavelength of 630nm and typical luminous intensities from 2.5mcd to 12.5mcd.

Available with a dominant wavelength of 606nm, the new TLMO3000 and TLMO3001 orange LEDs from Vishay Semiconductors feature luminous intensities from 5.0mcd to 20mcd. With a dominant wavelength of 587nm, the TLMY3000 and TLMY3001 yellow LEDs offer typical luminous intensities from 4.0mcd to 20mcd.

The new devices are embedded in a small white EIA- and ICE-standard package measuring 2.8mm by 3.0mm with a height profile of 1.65mm. The P-LCC-2 package consists of a lead frame embedded in a white thermoplast, with an interior reflector filled with clear epoxy.

All six devices feature a 60 degree angle of half intensity and a non-diffused lens that facilitates coupling to light pipes. Each LED is luminous intensity and colour categorised for each packing unit and a luminous intensity ratio of 2.0 or less per packing unit ensures even lighting.

The TLMx300x series is rated for a 125 degrees C junction temperature, a thermal resistance junction of 400 K/W, and an operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C.

The new LEDs offer ESD-withstand voltage of up to 1kV. Automatic assembly is simplified with CECC compatibility for infrared, vapour phase, and wave soldering methods.

Provided in 8mm tape form, samples and production quantities of the new TLMx300x SMD LEDs are available now, with lead times of six weeks for larger orders.

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