Self-chilling beverage container is so cool

US-based CoolCan Technologies has developed a technology, dubbed Instacool, which chills beverages quickly when they are opened by the consumer.

The technology may be used with any aluminium, glass or plastic container that holds soft drinks, beer, juice or water.

Coolcan’s Instacool chilling module is fixed in position inside a can. When the tab is pulled, the valving system within the can triggers a CO2 capsule, causing the gas to be discharged. The escaping CO2 then forms into small particles at extremely cold temperatures (-100°F), creating the chilling effect.

The degrees of chilling and carbonation are adjustable, depending on the beverage requirements.

The company has already begun a prototype fabrication program to develop working samples in order to test, finalise the design concept and confirm cost estimates required for high volume production.