Sensitive data under lock and key

Indicii Salus, a London-based Internet security company, today launched its Xenophon product range.

Indicii Salus claims that Xenophon introduces two world firsts to the electronic security market. It says that, unlike competitor solutions, Xenophon is the only security software that ensures each person’s identity information is held on a secure server – not on the user’s access device.

And what’s more, it adds that Xenophon is also the only software that can work across multiple access devices: PC, mobile phone, PDA or interactive television.

Xenophon has been developed to suit the unique needs of multiple market sectors from banking and finance to legal, retail and gaming.

It is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It generates a set of cryptographic keys – one public, one private – which enable organisations to create a ‘trusted community’ for private, secure electronic commerce and authentication.

There are currently a number of Xenophon applications available, which offer a range of services to various market sectors – from banking to legal firms – with full authentication and non-repudiation of transactions.

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