Sensor analysis systems

Sky Computers and VMETRO have completed the design of a system that integrates SKY’s Thunderbolt product family and VMETRO’s high-speed data recorders.

This system is comprised of a SENTECH STC405 camera connected to an image processing system via a Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) interconnect. Data moves from the camera across the interconnect to a Thunderbolt-based DSP subsystem from SKY, where filtering and image processing is performed on the received data.

As the data is processed, it is then passed over a second FPDP interface to a VMETRO MDR-522 data recorder which records the data in real-time. The system is also configured to allow the data flows to be reversed, providing playback of stored data in the same manner in which it was received.

This system is suited for applications requiring high-speed data processing and storage such as those found in surveillance, signal intelligence and semiconductor and medical imaging.

The integration of the SKY and VMETRO systems is the first in a series of activities planned by the two companies designed to offer customers complete systems solutions.

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