Sensor improves tyre safety

The new MPXY8020A tyre pressure sensor and associated chip set from Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector have the potential to help reduce blowouts, extend tyre life and improve mileage.

Mounted onto valve stems or wheel wells, the MPXY8020A helps drivers maintain proper tyre pressure by notifying them when tyre pressure is not at the optimal pressure level.

To ‘talk’ to the vehicle’s dashboard, the sensor, which is housed in a remote sensing module (RSM), sends a signal via an MC68HC908RF2 8-bit flash microcontroller unit (MCU) to an RF transmitter which is also built into the module.

An integrated MC33591 RF receiver, demodulator and decoder, and a MC9S12DP256 16-bit flash MCU unit located in the dashboard of the car are used to receive and process the signal.

Samples of the new MPXY8020A sensor device and chipset are available now. The MPXY8020A costs $5.25, the MC68HC908RF 8-bit flash MCU unit is $2.90, the MC9S12DP256 16-bit flash MCU unit costs $14.08 and the MC33591 Integrated RF receiver is $1.99. All prices are ‘per unit prices’ for 10,000-piece quantities.

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