Sensor is on the level

Hawker Electronics is targeting a new non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter at the water industry. The Sonda 2 is designed to monitor levels in filter beds, reservoirs, wet wells and general storage vessels.

The integrated unit is simple to set up and powered by a two-wire, 4-20mA dc loop. It has all the basic measurement functionality needed for straightforward applications and has an accuracy of 0.25% over a measurement range of 0.25 to 10m.

A number of recently released products will also be on the stand, such as the Hawkersonic Mk.3 multi-function level controller, which has a four-digit LCD display to show level, depth, flow and totalised flow. The controller can be ac or dc powered and acts as supply and interface for one or two loop-powered level transmitters. These can be either capacitance, pressure or ultrasonic devices depending on the level application.

Up to eight programmable relays may be configured to provide multi-pump sequencing.

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