Sensor keeps a tab in the lab

To perform valid scientific and analytical experiments, it is crucial to know that all apparatus is functioning as expected, especially parts that are not visible, and therefore less easy to check. To help out, Alpha Controls has released a range of isolation valves developed by US-based NR Research that have a patented position sensor.

The integral sensors do not increase the size of the NC or NO, zero dead volume valves but do indicate that power is reaching the coil and that contact has been made between the armature and the coil, confirming the precise mechanical state of the valves, even when the coil is not energised.

An output signal to onboard microprocessors and computers can be used to monitor and control the valves. The isolation valves transmit accurate information specific to response times and on/off duty cycle time. This information can help designers to get better value out of any instrument incorporating the valves by compensating for wear and changing environmental conditions. The system also allows diagnostics to be performed remotely. Instruments using multiple valves can provide a signal or an alarm signal confirming which unit is defective.

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