Sensors selected for pharmaceutical plant

Pfizer has selected 120 of Solartron Mobrey’s short-fork level switch Squing, for its newest bulk pharmaceutical plant.

Chosen for its low maintenance, easy installation and competitive price, Squing will be used to indicate high and low-level alarms in hazardous areas.

The Solartron Mobrey sensors are installed at Pfizer’s plant at Ringaskiddy, Country Cork, where a range of pharmaceutical products will be manufactured.

Classified as intrinsically safe, Squings will be installed at every vessel located in the process buildings to indicate high and low level in reactors, headtanks filters and crystallisation vessels. The majority of Squings commissioned by Pfizer have been specified with Hastelloy forks for corrosion resistance against hazardous solvents and slurries.

Reasons cited for choosing Squing include it having no moving parts and minimal intrusion, providing an accurate high and low level measurement. As the Squing has no remote mounted secondary electronics, there are substantial cost savings due to the absence of additional transmitter/miscellaneous panels, and this simplifies the wiring, allowing Pfizer to connect the output from the Squing directly to its Distributed Control System.

A visible heart-beat LED flashes continuously, confirming the sensor is operational and changes to a flashing alarm condition when either the liquid level is detected, or there is a problem with the sensor or power supply.

Squing is suitable for a range of high and low level alarm duties, pump control and process level switching operations. It comes in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy C and Halar, for wide chemical compatibility.

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