Sensors to save energy

BERR has launched a £570,000 energy consumption reduction project in Loughborough

BERR, the former DTI, has launched a £570,000 project in Loughborough aimed at significantly reducing the amount of energy consumed by UK households.

The indeedNET (Integration and Demonstration of Energy Efficient Dwelling Networks) project will focus on the development of a wireless sensor/actuator networked home energy management system. This will enable households to monitor and control their energy use when they are at the property and when they are away from home.

The system will take into account weather conditions, such as temperature, rain and light levels outside, to provide the optimum home environment using the least amount of energy. This will include reducing or switching off the central heating system, opening or closing windows and controlling lighting.

As well as being able to manage their home environment from within the property, the system will also allow users to securely and safely control their home remotely from anywhere in the world using a mobile device such as a mobile phone or laptop.

Advantica, formerly the British Gas Research Centre, is leading the project, and other project partners include East Midlands Housing Association and SURE Technology.

The research activities include developing two-way wireless radio modules and integrating them into proven sensors and actuators that needs to be controlled, and developing a wireless home network optimised for heterogeneous sensors and actuators. The team will also develop an information infrastructure and networked energy management system, then demonstrate the resulting energy saving focused home network and energy management system to the public in Advantica’s test house.