Service to help exporters

Exporters looking for information and advice about the technical standards, regulations or testing procedures their goods must satisfy to gain approval in markets abroad, are to benefit from a simplified service.

Trade Minister Brian Wilson has announced that from 1 April, the British Standards Institution (BSI), working together with Trade Associations, will provide a more response, in-depth service to UK exporters through the Technical Help to Exporters service.

For the first time, Trade Associations will work with the BSI to provide access to a complementary range of assistance. The BSI will add a section to its web site dedicated to the new service, drawing attention to the very real need to research standards, regulations and testing procedures.

Brain Wilson commented, `Recognising that customer needs were changing, the DTI reviewed the Technical Help to Exporters Service (THE) and in conjunction with the BSI and trade associations, have developed it to make the service more relevant to the needs of today’s exporters’.

Welcoming the announcement, the Head of British Standards in the BSI, David Lazenby, said: `This service will allows exporters access to a comprehensive database of complementary services for the first time. BSI believe that the fundamental improvements made to the scheme will ensure that it continues to meet the needs of exporters well into the next millennium.’