Servo drives connect with DeviceNet

Rockwell Automation has introduced DeviceNet connectivity to the Allen-Bradley Ultra 100 series of servo drives to reduce wiring and installation costs. Drive set-ups, commissioning and troubleshooting are simple via DeviceNet and, using the web can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

With a power range 500W to 2 kW, the Ultra 100 can cover a wide range of duties, such as an analogue input velocity servo, a stepper replacement, a master encoder follower or a stand-alone position indexer.

DeviceNet also allows Routine Condition Monitoring. Data can be mapped back to an operator interface and monitored to give warnings of abnormal conditions. These include alarm generation, if pre-set current limits or over-voltage conditions are exceeded and predictive failure warnings to alert the user to potential component or process failure.

More than 250 different drive parameters on a single axis can be accessed via the network.


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