SEZ and Disco produce world’s thinnest 300 mm wafer

The SEZ Group has announced that it has effectively produced 300mm wafers as thin as 80 microns. The wafers are said to have excellent uniformity and to be four times stronger than those that have only undergone a grinding process to achieve that thickness.

These results were achieved as a part of the company’s efforts to enhance wafer-thinning techniques and to quantify the strength enhancement of 200mm and 300mm wafers.

The primary goal of SEZ’s efforts is to demonstrate that ultra-thin 300mm wafers can be produced with excellent strength. By implementing its proprietary stress relief applications, SEZ claims to have been able to deliver an effective thinning process critical to 300mm processing.

While the focus has been on 300mm process development, the results can, according to a statement from SEZ, also be applied to smaller diameter wafers.

A grinder manufactured by Disco Corporation was used in the thin grinding of the wafers.

‘Disco’s ability to effectively thin wafers with minimal damage and excellent uniformity enables SEZ to produce a superior strength wafer after our stress relief application,’ said Kuniaki Togasaki, chairman and CEO of SEZ Japan and member of SEZ’s corporate executive board.

‘SEZ is actively working to determine the issues surrounding 300mm wafer thinning and to address those issues that are under our control,’ commented Herwig Petschnig, chief operating officer for the SEZ Group.

‘We will need the industry’s co-operation to resolve many issues once 300mm wafers have been thinned. Our Bernoulli handler can transfer ultra-thin 300mm wafers, but currently the wafer cassettes and assembly area tools cannot accommodate them. We are committed to working with our 300mm customers to address these issues and further enhance 300mm wafer thinning.’

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