SGB on form for ring road

SGB Formwork is playing a key role in the construction of the Leeds Inner City Ring Road, Britain’s first urban motorway, which is about to be connected to the main motorway network.

SGB is the official framework supplier for the Hunslet Viaduct, which is part of the final stage in the £50m road project for main contractor Alfred McAlpine.

The current build connects stage six of the new road, which was completed in 2000, to the M621 and the wider motorway network. The scheme, which started in May 2006 and is due for completion in autumn 2008, costs £50m.

SGB is supplying its multiform bridge parapet brackets, a cantilever formwork system used to facilitate the construction of concrete edge projections and parapets of composite steel girder and pre-cast concrete bridge decks. The system uses much less equipment than the standard under-slung arrangement.

For speed and safety, Alfred McAlpine chose SGB’s multiform bridge parapet system to cast the cantilever sections of the deck outside the beam. According to SGB, one of the main advantages of this system is that all the work is carried out from deck level, minimising access needs.