Shamban launches complete aircraft sealing portfolio

Four of the best known names in aerospace sealing have joined forces to create a single aerospace sealing company. The new company, Shamban, is part of the global TI Group Specialty Polymer Products business, and will be operating out of Europe and North America to provide customers worldwide with a complete polymer sealing service.

Shamban combines the capabilities of the recently acquired Busak+Shamban, together with Dowty Engineered Seals, Woodville Polymer Engineering and Specialised Elastomers, all of which are already well established within the TI Specialty Polymer division.

Their combined portfolio will provide a range of elastomer, PTFE and thermoplastic sealing systems for all aircraft applications including airframe, landing gear, hydraulics, engine, actuation, flight controls, wheels and brakes.

Shamban’s sealing systems are specified for almost all major commercial and military aircraft programmes, including Boeing 777, Airbus A340 and Typhoon. Products range from tiny high temperature O Rings and complete hydraulic seal kits to eight metre long inflatable cockpit seals and swing-wing fuselage seals.

In tune with the growing demand of the industry for full service provision, the company provides a complete service in material development, product design, testing and manufacturing in addition to providing logistic solutions such as kitting or just-in-time delivery direct to airframe assembly lines.