Sharda development strategy

Sharda Motor Industries, a first tier supplier to the Indian automotive industry, has called upon Ricardo to help define and implement an independent, self-sustaining product development programme.

Sharda, whose customer base includes automakers in India and the regional operations of overseas manufacturers, has chosen to work with Ricardo to develop its research and development strategy in support of Sharda’s growth objectives.

The programme of work, to be led by Ricardo’s strategic consulting and Indian divisions, will address key levers for the development of a future independent product development strategy for Sharda, including product planning, product development processes, infrastructure requirements, development tools and facilities, and the skills and core competence requirements of the company’s staff.

In evaluating Sharda’s future product strategy in particular, the Ricardo team will carry out an analysis of the markets in which the company operates and the factors likely to act upon them in the future. These will include projections of the technology road maps of Sharda’s customer base and estimations of the emerging engineering requirements likely to arise from this in terms of required future product portfolios.

Sharda and Ricardo said they would collaborate in implementing the strategy.

This will include comprehensive technology transfer and engineering and testing support by Ricardo in the interim period until Sharda has fully built up its research and development capabilities.