Share ideas with multi-touch device

Company brainstorm sessions may one day be aided by multi-touch devices that allow groups of users to manipulate text, video and photos on digital devices through gestures.

The concept, developed by a team of students from Dundee University’s School of Computing, recently won a competition sponsored by global technology firm NCR’s ’Multi-Touch Programming Competition’.

Stuart Birse, Kate Saunderson, Paul Gault and Cora Albrecht devised the idea of digitising post-it note brainstorming processes.

Content can be created on the multi-touch computer, laptop or mobile phone and uploaded onto the multi-touch device. A team of people is then able to tag, stack, group and highlight items using gestures.

This type of application is being targeted at groups of people to help them come up with ideas and improve team working.

NCR employs touch-screen technology in self-service technology, including ATMs and kiosks.