Ship shape in Pompey

VT Shipbuilding

(VTS) loaded out the latest bow section for the Royal Navy’s Daring Class Type 45 destroyers from its Portsmouth Naval Base shipbuilding facility today.

The 1100 tons section of HMS Dragon (pictured below), which has taken 21 months to build, is the fourth set of bows to be built by VTS and will leave Portsmouth next week on a barge for delivery to BAE Systems’ Surface Fleet Solutions’ Govan shipyard in Glasgow where the rest of the ship is being built and assembled.

The funnel and masts of HMS Dragon will follow from VTS later this year.

According to VT, delivery of the fourth of the 50m forward sections marks another milestone in VT’s progress on the programme to build six ship sections, funnels and masts.

Ship sets five and six are already in production, while the first ship in the class has started sea trials in Scottish waters. All ships in the class will eventually be based in Portsmouth.